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The map below shows where our travelpluggers have added tips, photos, reviews and more since travelplugged started in August 2016.  Like you, our small team are always planning and saving for our next adventures abroad, and here’s where we’ll be visiting next: 

  • China (April to May 2018)
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Anonymous84755: how much is nairobi to Malindi?
(Admin) Daniel: Around 1,400KES
Anonymous116651: Do you have information about bus connection to Ganja, in Azerbaijan?
(Admin) Daniel: I'm afraid not. This website only covers personal experiences, and we've never been to Azerbaijan. If you find out though, please let us know and we can add it to the directory.
Anonymous131250: Karabakh
Anonymous168375: how can I get from Dilijan to Tbilisi?
Anonymous168375: thank you
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