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We are Sarah, Aaron and Daniel, pictured here from left to right. Everything you find in this travel and expatriate directory is simply everything the three of us have experienced since starting travelplugged in Colombia in the summer of 2016. Since then, we’ve travelled to 125 places in 18 countries, adding over 1,750 entries to the directory for you to use. From famous attractions to public bathrooms, to bus journeys and border crossings, we’ve documented and photographed anything and everything we could – because sometimes it’s those little details that can be so difficult for a traveller to find.  

Please click on the map below to see where we’ve added tips, photos, guides, reviews and more: 

So why did we start travelplugged? Firstly (and most importantly), the three of us wanted to create a travel directory that’s shaped, developed and managed by experienced travellers and expatriates – not by profit-oriented business giants such as TripAdvisor. And although our family and friends kept telling us over the years to keep a blog, there are already so many useful and excellent blogs out there that we didn’t really see how we could best help the community in that way. Instead, we decided to create a more factual directory, so that travel-and-expat-based information could be better managed and quicker and easier to find for future travellers. 

But building this website has not been easy! The three of us have already given thousands of hours to inputting and managing this data – and spent well over USD50,000 of our own money collecting it.  And so far we’ve only been rewarded with a single chocolate bar from a kind shop owner in Ethiopia  (which we split three ways!) for our time, effort and expense. And so we continue to work full-time jobs in Spain and China between our travels to fund the future of travelplugged. With Sarah and Daniel as the only data collectors, and Aaron (Daniel’s brother) as the lone programmer, there’s only so far our own savings and time can go. This is why we’ve decided as of September 2018 to begin asking for donations. If you’ve found this advertisement-free directory to be useful or believe in its future and would like to make a donation or get involved with the project (no matter how small), then we would really appreciate your help. 

Before donating, you should know that there’s another reason we started travelplugged. Sarah and I met while studying in Bath in 2005 (aged 19), before moving abroad in 2008 to teach at universities in Asia and the Middle East. I proposed in 2014 in Cambodia (pictured here →), and we married shortly after in 2015. We have been lucky and dedicated enough to have travelled and lived in 60+ countries together.  As migrant workers that love to  experience new people and places, constantly having to organise visas and find adequate jobs can be a troublesome, time consuming and stressful process. And so what we dream of more than anything is for travelplugged to eventually allow us the freedom to live and work wherever we choose across this beautiful and fascinating world – and to help others that get involved to do the same. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in finding out more about the future of travelplugged and our exciting new-and-improved project: EarthTagger (TBC 2019). 

Here is a gallery of Daniel and Sarah on their travels:

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