As an online directory, travelplugged aims to bring together all the information a traveller or expatriate might need into one comprehensive, interactive, flexible and quick-to-use database. Whether it’s a review of a shop, an attraction or a service, directions to the nearest supermarket, explanations of local words, or even the costs, budgets and availability of a particular location, we believe that all this information would be more easily found if it were gathered neatly into one place.

A lot of the information we hope to provide does already exist, but it’s scattered across internet websites or tucked away in books or posted on signboards. Searching for specific information in the depths of someone’s blog or in pages of personal reviews is surely the last thing a traveller wants to be doing when on the road with a dodgy internet connection. And then there’s the harder-to-find or even non-existent information! Reviews of bus and plane journeys, instructions at border crossings, contact details and price listings for dentists and hospitals, directions for walks and hikes – many of these details can be frustratingly difficult to find when you’re travelling even slightly off the beaten path or settling somewhere that has little English content. But it’s this fundamental knowledge that we aim to have readily available on the directory.