2-Week Trips

Visit 2-Week Trips and get inspired by itineraries and travel stories designed to fit a 2-week vacation. Managed by Gary Low, a part-time traveller and full-time employee, 2-Week Trips chronicles all his adventures backpacking around the world.

Born Wild

“Our mission is to create more than just amazing adventures. We want to change the way people travel and protect this beautiful planet. We start with brilliant ideas, inject elements of innovation and natural beauty, and come up with original adventures for original people. Designed to inspire, reflect and encourage people between 20-45 years to come together through shared values and the motivation to travel unconventionally. We are passionate about supporting the protection of wild animals and proudly do so through our work.”

Chris on Tour

Chris is “a travel and guitar addicted German guy that has been travelling around the world since 2014”. Having recently visited his 100th country, Chris on Tour is a popular blog and guide that documents recommendations, insights and advice for locations all over the world. 

Academic Marker


Kimberly Kosta

As an experienced expatriate and avid traveller, Kimberly Kosta writes weekly articles about her (mis)adventures in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  

Soulful Travels

“Hi! I’m Annie Soul. I coach people to reach their own personal travel goals, and travel further, wiser and more purposefully. I’ve travelled far and wide for seventeen years, including one year of continuous travel and seven years as an expat in East Africa. I’ve faced fears, gained new skills and become super resilient. I’ve learned to ditch the ‘must-see and do’ lists that end up as carbon copies of everyone else’s trips. I love deeper, more connected and culturally rich trips away. Travel has also given me my life purpose. Work with me to realise your goals by experiencing meaningful and rewarding travel. I am here to help you have the best travel adventures ever.”

The Beau Traveler

The BeauTraveler is a blog consisting of 3 main topics: beau, beauty & travel. This blog was created to share the writer’s beauty and travel experience combined with her story to find her potential beau. Written by Marya Sutimi, a sassy traveler who finds it difficult to travel light but easy to find the cheapest ways to enjoy life.