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Anonymous26494: Thank you for this! I was volunteering near to Kibuye in Rwanda for a few months and while I was there your website helped me find things to do, especially walks in the area. Thank you smile
(Admin) Daniel: You're most welcome. Thanks for leaving some feedback hay . We hope you enjoyed Rwanda - it's such a picturesque country!
Travel addict: Great website guys! I'm an avid traveler and I thought some of your tips were useful cheers.
Travel addict: Also I hope you can get China up and running because I'm going there next
(Admin) Daniel: @Travel addict: Thanks for the feedback. That's the plan. We aim to review Ningbo thoroughly as we'll be living there, but we'll need people to create a directory for other cities in China too. Might you be interested?
Travel addict: Yes, be happy to do that!
(Admin) Daniel: That's great! Please email us at [email protected] to find out more.
Anonymous32543: you good
Anonymous32543: what is this website for?
(Admin) Daniel: We're trying to make a directory for travellers, locals and expatriates. Check out our about page, that might explain things a bit better.
Anonymous33040: hello guys, what a great website, I'm reading all the things you have here and they are helping me a lot, Im going to Africa and the end of this year, maybe you have some information for me related to Sudan, specifically Visa info, it seems to be you haven't been there but maybe you can help me, I've been sear hint but it isn't easy to find info aboit this country
Anonymous33040: I really would appreciate any info
(Admin) Daniel: Hi there! Glad to hear the website is helping out. Unfortunately you're right, we haven't been to Sudan yet and so we can't really help on the visa situation there. What nationality are you? I normally start with the UK government website and go from there ( Once you've been to Sudan, if you'd like to share your experiences here that would be great. We really need committed travellers like you to help the community!
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