Armenia and Georgia 1-Month Travel Itinerary

Weeks 1 & 2

Starting at , the capital of , there’s easily enough to do here both in and around the city to fill up a few interesting days. Museums such as the or , or short day trips out to , or can be rewarding experiences at any time of year. It might also be a good idea to visit the holy town of to the west of here where you’ll find the . Head next to the high-altitude about an hour and a half away, where visits to and the are obligatory, before continuing north to the pleasant alpine town of . It’s easy enough to spend a few days here hiking about visiting some fantastic monasteries such as and on the way. After you’ve finished in that region, you can either choose to head northeast for an hour to Ijevan or northwest for two hours to . Again, as with many destinations in , the best things to do here are hike, explore the surrounding countryside and visit the many historical and impressive monasteries on offer. and are particularly worth visiting. Finally, you’ll want to head north to the border town of to take the easy into .

Weeks 3 & 4

Once you’ve crossed the at , you’ll want to head north to the beautiful and historical capital . It’s easy enough to spend a while here exploring the many free sights on offer in the city such as or the , but here’re some excellent day trips to be found here too and we recommend using as a base. A day trip to seems like the best first option, and a day trip to to visit is easy and interesting too. It then might be a good idea to head north for three hours up the Military Highway to , where you’ll find the archetypal picture-postcard with its backdrop. There’s some fantastic hiking to be had here and you could easily spend a few days in this region. If you’re visiting in the winter season, it might be a good idea to stop at in on your way back to the capital, otherwise you’ll want to head west next for two hours to the pleasant spa town of for some hiking in the national park. also offers excellent access to (for more skiing at ), but also to , and . Once you feel like you’ve seen enough, it’s only a three-hour bus back to , perhaps to relax in some thermal spas or sample the local wines before your flight home.