North and Central Colombia 1-Month Travel Itinerary

Month 1

Start your journey by bussing or flying from Bogota to and spend a few days exploring the culture and nature of the city. Once finished with one of the most notorious cities in the country, catch another bus or flight to the Caribbean coastal city of where beaches, parties and colonial architecture blend into one vibrant location. It’s then only a few hours by bus further east along the coast to , which may not be as immediately pretty but affords excellent access to the national parks, tribes and hiking of the Sierra Nevada and Parque Nacional Tayrona. It’s then a long overnight bus south to the adventure capital of Santander . Try your hand at rafting and paragliding some of the most impressive scenery on earth before heading deeper into Muisca territory to the chilly and rural city of . The high-altitude lakes and hiking on offer here should keep you busy for a few days, but once content it’s only a 2-hour bus journey to – one of the prettiest colonial towns in this part of the country. Finally, another short bus trip will return you to Bogota, where you can leave behind or continue your journey in the far south of the country.