Southwestern South Africa 1-Month Travel Itinerary

Month 1

Although is the main entrance to the country and most will have to start there, it’s only a short and cheap flight to the coastal city of . This city makes for a fine entrance to the Eastern Cape and has surrounding beaches and nearby museums that are worthy of a few days exploration before pressing west to . You could either base yourself at this small surfer-friendly town or in nearby , which has plenty of outdoor activities and pleasant dining experiences to keep you busy. It’s also a good little town to base yourself in if you’re thinking of taking things slowly as it’s quite well facilitated for its size. Otherwise, it’s a 6-hour bus journey inland to the Langeberg mountain range at where you’ll find historical architecture and some superb hiking and decent national parks. Once content there though, you’ll want to continue west for another 6-hour bus to – the last stop. You’d be hard pressed not to agree that the mixture of world-class beaches, stunning mountain hikes and gorgeous wineries make for one award-winning city that’s quite honestly hard to leave.