Vietnam and Laos 2-Month Travel Itinerary

Month 1

Start at the busy city of taking in the excellent museums and cuisine before heading sharply to the coast for some beachside action in . After some fun in the sun, it’s a bus, train or flight up the coast to the city of or the more pleasant and historical town of . Spend some time wandering the decorated cobbled streets before travelling a couple of hours further north to the ancient imperial city of . You’ll want to explore the many tombs that circle the city before flying north to for a quick entrance to and its beautiful archipelago. After some picture postcard moments press east, stopping at before training all the way to and the mountains and tribes that colour that region. Though it will be hard to leave, it’s a long journey to and the border at , but if you’re eager to head to then that’s the way to go.

Month 2

A few hours after the border crossing and you’ll be in , and what a quiet entrance into the country! Take the early morning boat down the Nam Ou to and then later to and then there’ll really be no doubting you’ve left the frenetic pace of far behind. is next, where you’ll no doubt be lulled into staying longer than expected by the culture and history on offer. For a detour inland and to UXO country, it’s off to and the mysterious jars you’ll find there, and then further south to the once party and tubing capital . While the scene has certainly calmed there nowadays, it’s still not as sedate as the Laotian capital , which is the final stop of this two-month journey.