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Last updated: September 15th 2018

travelplugged needs your help!

Everything you find on this site is simply everything that Daniel, Sarah and Aaron have experienced since starting travelplugged in Colombia in the summer of 2016. Since then, we’ve travelled to 125 places in 18 countries and added over 1,750 entries to the directory for you to use on your travels. The three of us have already given thousands of free hours to inputting and managing this data – and spent well over USD50,000 of our own money collecting it.  And so far we’ve only been rewarded with a single chocolate bar from a kind shop owner in Ethiopia  (which we split three ways!) for our time, effort and expense.

As it stands today, Sarah and Daniel continue to work full-time jobs at a university in China to fund the future of the site, while Aaron is working without pay in Spain as our only programmer. With Sarah and Daniel as the only data collectors and Aaron (Daniel’s brother) as the lone programmer, there’s only so far our own savings and time can go. travelplugged doesn’t have affiliations with insurance companies, tour operators or travel businesses, and is currently completely advertisement-free. We’d like to keep it this way so that you can be assured that our information is free of the bias of big business! This is why we’ve decided as of September 2018 to begin asking our users for donations. These donations will help to pay for our increasing server needs, and will also hopefully help to fund Aaron while he works on creating our new (and vastly improved) website EarthTagger

If you’ve found travelplugged to be useful on your travels, or you can see the potential this site has for future travellers and expatriates and would like to support the project, then please leave a donation by clicking here or on the donate button at the top of this page. We consider every donation to be an investment in the project, so if you’d like a say in how your money is used, please contact us at [email protected] to let us know you’re supporting us financially.

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