Off The Beaten Path Recommendations in East Africa

We’ve compiled a list of 10 recommendations for the intrepid traveller in East Africa. Click the pictures below the map to find out more, or check out our On the Beaten Path Recommendations in East Africa for 10 of the more popular experiences.

Axum Walk 1

“This is a very rural and pleasant walk that takes in a number of local attractions along the way. It’s only a short walk out of to a dusty and rocky path that winds around the local mountain and up to . There are excellent views at the top down to the ancient city and on a clear day the surrounding countryside is really quite pretty.”

Bisoke Volcano Hike

“For a volcano hike, this is pretty straight forward and fun to do. There are excellent views of the nearby volcanoes in both and on a clear day, and if you’re lucky you might see a chameleon or two – or perhaps even a stray gorilla! It’s a fairly straightforward up and down route, but it’s a worthwhile enough experience if you haven’t visited before.”

Dorze Village

“The tour offered by the Dorze people might be a little off the cuff, but it’s definitely interesting to be able to explore this fascinating and quite rural Ethiopian village. Once you’ve found a guide, you will visit one of the many beehive/hippopotamus-like huts the Dorze are famous for, where you will explore the grounds and vegetation as well as be invited in for a little food and alcohol. It’s a cordial but humbling experience.”

Elsa Gate to Gorge Game Drive

“This is a rare opportunity to cycle on a game drive instead of drive or be driven (although you can choose to drive if you want to). As there are no predators dangerous enough to humans in this national park, you’ll have free roam to cycle along the dusty main roads right through its impressive rocky heart. Herds of zebra, antelope and warthog are easy spots among the plains and cliffs, but even small herds of giraffes are found here hiding among the bushes. Unfortunately though, it’s not all good news and experiences at Hell’s Gate National Park. In fact, it might be a good idea to visit this area before the construction work really takes over.”

Gedi National Monument

“A good balance of history and nature can be experienced at the Gede ruins, a coupling not always easy to find in this part of the world. It is relaxing to wander the dirt tracks whilst contemplating Gede’s past and consider how long Islam and Arabia have played an influential part in the history of this African coast line. The various sites range from good to indiscernible in preservation with the and offering some of the most well preserved edifices.”

Katwe Explosion Crater Scenic Drive

“This is a scenic and off-the-beaten-track drive, so don’t consider coming here unprepared or without a 4×4. You’ll cross over and up and down the craters, which on a clear day offer excellent views of . With a bit of luck, you’ll pass by families of baboons, mongoose and guinea fowl, and end up at the .”

Rubona Hill Scenic Viewpoint

“It’s only a 30-minute or so detour off the from up to this pretty stunning viewpoint. The views out to and to Nyiragongo Volcano are very much worth it and the friendly village that you have to walk through to get there is interesting too.”

Sabinyo Volcano Hike

“There are three volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains that can be accessed fairly easily from , and Sabinyo may just be one of the best to visit on a day hike. The 6- to 8-hour route is equal parts challenging and exciting, with three separate peaks navigated by ladders and stairs and absolutely excellent views of the surrounding Muhabura and Gahinga volcanoes (on a clear day). It’s also deep in the territory of the famous mountain gorilla, and if you’re lucky you might just see one at a fraction of the cost. And if you don’t, well the environment alone is evocative enough to make this experience a worthy one.”

Semliki Scenic Drive

“If you’ve got your own wheels (preferably a 4×4) and a morning or afternoon to space, this drive out of towards the Congolese border is well worth it to really get a feel for what’s going on in the surrounding countryside. And not only are there impressive views all along the way, but you’ll be able to do a small spot of safariing too. Just don’t risk the ‘Old Itojo Road’, or if you do be well prepared!”

Tongoni Ruins

“This is a small and rather unimpressive Swahili ruin. If you’re headed up the coast of , you might be better off visiting the instead.”